2019 BMX Triple Challenge – Denver: Photo Gallery

The Denver BMX Triple Challenge was an interesting event. The jumps were huge with a new choose your line option on the first hit, it was a welcomed change and the riders were hyped. The weather on the other hand, was crazy—it went from freezing, to warm and sunny, then it snowed. Despite the ebb and flow of the weather, the stoke was high and the level of riding was amazing. There were some new faces and some new tricks, too. Here's a mix of photos from practice, finals, and Best Trick.


BMX, pallets, mud…who knew it was such a good combo? Florideah Swampfest never disappoints and here's the full highlight video featuring all the action from the ridiculously sketchy and unpredictable ramps to the perfect dirt jumps, to the 80 foot long rail over a lake, to the horizontal loop, to the… you get the idea.